Beautiful and interesting styles of the child’s room – art and childhood.

In what color can we pain a kids room? White, green or maybe as the designers says: blue for a son and pink for a daughter? The splution is simple on this colour which we fancy the most.

The manner with definite tone for girls and boys is not as old as we used to think. It coonecred to XX century, when coworkers was enough wealthy to open thinking about the things like children places. Before that kind off time, when a lotof younsg ones have been dying in the first week of their life, nobody even want to think about tones of their places. It doesn’t represent peoples love foe their children, all in all being a parent was a honor for the family. Nowadays we pay attention to the place in which child spends long hours. In kids room as well as in nursery school there have to be particular things to play for kids and colourful paintings on the walls.


Autor: tapetenpics

The inspirating artwork are murals vehicles, star crafts, cartoon idols. Murals boys room may be coloured in beautiful figures, a large number of stars, celestail bodies or it only may be murals vehicles. Murals girls room can also be ornamented with stars, planets of the solar system or maybe with a theme of Peter Pan story with mermaids, fairies, coirsairs and desert islands. Murals boys room and murals girls room could be similar or totally unlike – Explore the manufacturer of wallpaper Demural, the whole thing depends on personality of the child. When we at last have chosen the way of the kids room ornamentation we may start thinking about furniture and different points.

The important thing is that we may change the wall decoration with a low cost – simple paint another mural in way that offspring adore in this particular time – . Changing furniture, because our child is bored with teddy bears, is much more expensive – . Murals may be fantastoc fun for children and they will be saved in their memories for a lifetimr, and perhaps soon you will be painting murals for your grandchildren and their wonderful memories.

Murals are a fantastic piece of artwork, they could be seen outside – on the streets, walls, buildings, but they can be also an important part of the children small world – a room, a nursery school, a tree house.